Meet Tammilynn

Well hello there!I am so happy to meet you!

I am a southern born, Arizona raised girl that loves sunshine and sweet iced tea. Married

to my High School sweet heart, mother to five, and Nonni to five.

My life revolves around my family, church, and our friends.

Photography is a huge part of my life, and I am constantly seeking after that creamy pure light 

that can only be found in nature.

I love capturing, and freezing a moment in time, that will be cherished forever.


There is nothing like looking back on the special moments of your life.

Your wedding, that look in his eyes when he see you walking down that isle.

What about those sweet moments while you are waiting the birth of your new baby?

You know that saying  " Your first breath, took ours away"? Well,

there is nothing like that first newborn cry.

What about those first wobbly baby steps? The first birthday cake?

I love to capture all of these moments!

I am drawn to clean and pure imagery, where you or your family, are the main focus.

My images are timeless and will be cherished for years to come. 

This is what "Simply Taken Photography " is all about.